Reducing Costs With Contract Packaging

by Mauricio Barboza |
industrial automation for package

Packaging is about creating a positive end-user experience. How the public perceives your product and whether they decide to buy it depends largely on how it’s presented; how they open it, reseal it, and discard it can enhance or diminish their opinion of your company. Packaging decisions have to weigh that perception and experience with […]

The Benefits of Blister Packaging

by Mauricio Barboza |
Closeup pink-white and blue-white antibiotics capsule pills in blister pack. Antimicrobial drug resistance. Pharmaceutical industry. Global healthcare. Pharmacy background. Amoxicillin capsule pills.

Blister packaging is a type of thermoformed packaging that typically appears in custom shapes or in a symmetrical design such as squares or rectangles. This type of packaging is a popular choice for many types of retail goods, including pharmaceutical items and various food products. Blister packaging is often made of PVC or some other […]

A Guide to Packaging Organic Products

by Mauricio Barboza |
Close up of production process at modern food factory, focus on macaroni bag ready for packaging sliding down assembly line, copy space

With heightened awareness of pesticides, food additives, and production techniques, consumers are increasingly seeking out organic foods. Such foods are regulated under the Organic Food Products Act of 1990, which sets forth strict, specific rules about how and under what conditions a product may be legally labeled “organic.” The care, effort, and cost undertaken to comply […]