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A Guide to Shrink Wrapping Retail Products

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Shrink wrapping is a secondary packaging that’s ideal for bundling bonus products and multi-packs, protecting merchandise, and creating a polished look for presentation on the shelf. It’s used in numerous industries, from health and beauty to food and beverage and cleaning products. Retailers and manufacturers alike find it to be a cost-effective solution for maintaining the appearance and integrity of products on the shelves. 

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What Is Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is a great way to seal products to guard against moisture and tampering, contain small pieces, or bundle objects together. A plastic film is wrapped around the products, then exposed to heat, which shrinks the plastic and molds it around the object. Polyolefin and PVC are the most common shrink wrap materials used in retail, but there are others; the one you choose depends on how much and what type of protection you need for the items. For example, polyolefin is slightly more expensive than PVC, but it’s less susceptible to temperature changes.

When choosing a material, you’ll want to consider the conditions your products will be exposed to in the warehouse and during transportation, the weight and shape of the objects (for example, do they have sharp edges that could puncture the shrink wrap if they were jostled around?), how long they’ll be on the shelf or in storage, and how you want the product to look to consumers. A contract packaging expert can offer advice on which material to use with consideration for your products and circumstances. 

Shrink Wrapping Options for Retail Products

There are several ways to overwrap your products for protection and aesthetic purposes. Cello-wrap and multi-packs are two popular options.


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Fast and cost-effective, cellophane overwrapping is done by an efficient machine, making it ideal for high-volume production runs of small retail items. It’s easy to print on the cellophane, so you can include clear, attractive branding as well as usage instructions and product warnings. Because cellophane is available in various thicknesses with different protective properties, it’s easy to customize your wrapping to suit any unique industry requirements and prolong shelf life. 


Shrink wrapping makes it easy to bundle multiple items together for a two-for-one sale, to add a gift with purchase, or simply to increase perceived value of the items. It’s common with cleaning products, aerosol cans, shampoo and conditioner bottles, snacks, toys, and holiday promotions. Even products of different sizes or irregular shapes can be bundled together in an attractive, eye-catching variety pack. 

Shrink wrapping has long been a popular way to bundle products. It offers the cost-effective protection those items need during shipping and handling, and it can be placed directly on the shelf in that attractive packaging. It’s easily customized with printing and labels to ensure your branding is aligned with your company. 

At Jonco Industries, our shrink wrapping service is one of our many packaging capabilities. Proudly based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we specialize in custom packaging and labels, and our years of experience, extensive capabilities, and commitment to ongoing learning and adoption of new technology ensures we can handle projects of all shapes and sizes. With full-contract packaging solutions, we help you save time and money by managing all primary and secondary packaging under one roof. Contact us to learn more about our shrink wrapping service and more.

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Why Should You Use Flexible Packaging for Your Products?

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Flexible packaging, such as gusset pouches, VFFS and stand-up pouches, is an excellent alternative to rigid packaging for many powder, liquid, and solid products. It can be made from a wide range of materials to suit different preservation and presentation needs, which is why it has become a go-to packaging option for companies in various consumer-focused industries, including food and beverage, health and beauty, cleaning and disinfecting, and more.

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Flexible Packaging Is Customizable

Another reason for the popularity of flexible packaging is its customizability. While there are many standard flexible packaging product options available, from resealable plastic bags to foil pouches and so much more, manufacturers can also create new packaging designs that are not possible with traditional methods. This gives them an opportunity to stand out from the competition with unique packaging that’s perfectly suited to their products.

Flexible Packaging Is Marketable

The customizability of flexible packaging is not limited to the functional design. Companies can also customize the aesthetic design of their packaging. They can add high-quality logos, images, and text that both attract consumer attention and build brand awareness.

In today’s social networking age, beautiful or unusual packages are often photographed and shared, increasing market reach at no additional cost to the company. This is all the more important in competitive industries, such as food, beverage, and cosmetics, where new products are hitting the shelves on a regular basis. Failing to differentiate your company and your offerings means blending into a crowded space.

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Learn More About Flexible Packaging From the Experts at JONCO

Flexible packaging is a perfect packaging solution for many companies. Both protective and customizable, it can keep products safe while promoting the brand.

Want additional information on the benefits of flexible packaging? Ask the experts at Jonco. As an experienced provider of a wide range of contract packaging services for food and non-food liquids, powders, and solids, we can answer and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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