CBD Packaging

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In recent years, legal CBD products have rapidly grown in popularity. CBD comes from the hemp plant, and although it is a component of marijuana, CBD itself does not cause a high. Instead, many people utilize this ingredient as a medical alternative.

This market’s rise in popularity has led many brands to focus more heavily on customizing their packaging to better suit their products. While CBD oils and tinctures are very common, CBD products are also available in formats such as:

  • Gummies
  • Coffee
  • Capsules
  • Infused tea

These types of products are better suited for use with flexible packaging, while oils or tinctures will typically require bottles and droppers. Understanding the ideal packaging for a specific product type improves the customer experience and increases brand recognition.

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CBD Tincture Packaging Solutions

For the smokeless consumption of CBD, tinctures are among the most popular and well-established options. Customers can take hemp oil orally, or may mix it with foods or beverages to achieve different effects. 

At Jonco Industries, our product line includes a diverse array of tincture bottles to suit varying needs. If the product does not require child-resistant packaging, standard glass or plastic dropper bottles are typically the optimal choice. This type of bottle is easy to use when dispensing the tincture.

However, certain products require child-resistant packaging. This is particularly true of products containing THC. In these cases, we provide child-resistant glass or plastic bottles, as well as child-resistant graduated dropper caps. If the product is a controlled substance, we offer child-resistance capable exit bags that are compliant with local regulations and CPSC.

CBD Edibles

Although tinctures are one of the oldest methods of smokeless CBD consumption, edible products are rapidly growing in popularity. These may include beverages and baked goods, but vitamins and gummies are generally the most popular edible CBD products. Glass packer bottles are an excellent choice for dispensing vitamins or gummies, as they have a wide mouth for ease of use. While the optimal packaging will vary depending on the type of edible product in question, there are always a few important factors to consider.

Cannabis Infused Edibles Package - Weed Gummies

Barrier Properties

If they are exposed to heat, extreme cold, oxygen, or moisture, edible products will rapidly reduce in quality and consistency. Packaging with the appropriate barrier properties helps extend the shelf life of the product.

Tamper Proof and Child Proof Seals

For consumer safety, edible CBD products are often required to have restrictive packaging. At Jonco Industries, we offer a range of different zipper options to meet local regulations.

Aroma Retention

CBD has a very distinct smell that may be unpleasant or distracting to some consumers. To prevent this aroma from permeating the surrounding area, it is important to utilize specialized packaging such as aroma lock pouches. 

Resealability and Reusability

When purchasing edible CBD products, consumers will often gravitate toward packaging that is flexible and easy to transport. Flexible cannabis pouches with resealable zippers provide the convenience that customers are looking for.

CBD Packaging Solutions From Jonco Industries

For over four decades, Jonco Industries has been working closely with our clients to design innovative, high quality packaging solutions. Our experienced designers and engineers are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. To learn more about our CBD packaging solutions, contact us today.

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