Custom Promotional Products

A photo of a promotional ice bucket by JONCO commissioned by MillerPromotional products are a key part of the marketing strategy for many companies in nearly every industry. This merchandise is passed out at trade shows and conferences, awarded in the store or office, sent in the mail, or given as a gift to welcome a new client. By giving your prospects a useful item they can turn to again and again, you ensure your brand is the first that comes to their minds and spread your reach to a larger audience.

While JONCO is known for packaging solutions, we also offer custom promotional products. We have developed some very unique promotional materials and high-level merchandise for world-renowned brands – whether for brand exposure, to generate positive impact in sales as incentives, or to support promotional and advertising initiatives. JONCO has a wide array of manufacturing capabilities and an in-house team of designers and creatives.

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Importance of Custom Promotional Products

Branded products are greatly effective as a marketing strategy. They can be carefully selected and easily customized to fit your brand voice and style or reach particular audience segments

That’s the power of a custom promotional product to build brand awareness and familiarity. This can help drive curiosity about your company among potential customers who may be hearing about it for the first time via that branded item—people you might not have reached otherwise.

A photo of promotional products offered by JONCOOur Custom Promotional Products

As with all of our products and custom services, we invite you to be involved with the design and production process to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. We’re committed to providing high-quality products with short lead times and competitive pricing.

Working With JONCO Industries

Since 1980, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with our clients to provide innovative, artfully designed products to meet their needs. Our highly skilled team of designers, craftsmen, and engineers can bridge the gap between your ideas and functional, high-quality products and packaging. This commitment has remained the same even as we’ve grown and evolved as a company to provide more services.

With the latest technology and equipment and ongoing training, we stay on top of industry trends to offer the best solutions, always paired with industry-leading customer service. We’re constantly looking ahead, developing or adopting the processes our customers need and want to help their businesses move forward.

Promotional merchandise can go hand-in-hand with customized packaging, and JONCO is ready to help you with both of those needs. Depending on your promotional item and how you’re delivering it to your audience, custom packaging can help it stand out among your competitors, reinforce your message or offer more information, and increase the perceived value of the promotional item. A nice item, given as a welcome or thank you gift to new client, may look best in custom packaging, as well.

Contact us to request a quote or learn more about custom promotional products and how we can help you create something you’ll be excited to offer your audience.

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An infographic that depicts JONCO's custom promotional product offerings