Bagging, Labeling, and Shrink Wrapping

Working with a company that offers full-contract packaging solutions helps you save time and money by meeting both your primary and secondary packaging needs in one place. High-quality secondary packaging enhances your primary packaging and makes shipping, handling, and displaying products simpler and more efficient. From large to small, dry to liquid, food to non-food projects, we offer complete packaging solutions, including bagging, labeling, and shrink wrapping.


The type of bagging you need depends upon the product’s ingredients (food-grade packaging is available) and how you’d like the bag or pouch to be used. For example, bagging can be used as a single-use item or with a resealable zipper or adhesive flap for repeated use. For both liquid and dry products, we can help you design a bag that’s right for your products, including:

  • Hand sanitizer liquids and gels
  • Wet cleaning/disinfecting wipes
  • Detergents, cleaners, and disinfectants
  • Pet food
  • Food flavor extracts
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Lotions and aloe vera gel
  • Powders
  • And more

LabelingFragment of the conveyor of the pharmaceutical labeling machine. Abstract industrial background.

Labeling is another crucial aspect of packaging. Not only does a great label help attract consumers to your product, it explains what that product is and how to use it. Labels should be thoughtfully designed and securely and neatly attached to the package.

The type of label you need depends largely upon the container, the product, and your brand aesthetic and preferences. Whether you need pressure-sensitive or glued labels, or those that can be manually applied, we can have them printed quickly.

Common factors to consider when choosing a label include:

  • Type of product
  • Material, size, and shape/texture of both the container and the label
  • Colors and design
  • Style (wrap-around labels that touch or leave a gap, for example)
  • Industry regulations regarding label information
  • Production volume

Shrink Wrapping

Games, toys, calendars, cosmetics, office and school supplies, software, boxes of candy and snacks, books, and so many other products rely on shrink wrapping to help keep all pieces together, protect delicate parts, and ensure the entire product stays packaged the way it was meant to be presented and purchased. It’s also a great way to bundle a free sample or gift with a purchase, or to create two-for-one, bulk, or variety packs. Shrink wrapping provides a finished, professional appearance for the product on the shelf, while offering protection for the product and package during transit and handling.

Shrink wrapping is a cost-efficient packaging solution, but the total price for your shrink wrapping project will depend upon a few factors, including:

  • Size of each package
  • Amount of units that need to be shrink wrapped
  • Amount of units that will be packed into each carton for shipping
  • The need for additional labeling
  • Timelines and lead times

Shrink film wrapping machine for bottle of water

Packaging Solutions from Jonco Industries, Inc.

At Jonco Industries, Inc., we’re proud to offer an extensive range of packaging materials and solutions. Specializing in custom packaging and labels, we have the experience and technology to design and manufacture packaging solutions catered to your exact needs. We will work with you to bring your packaging concept to life, providing protected, attractive products that are ready to hit the market. For more information about our capabilities, or to get started on your packaging solution,¬†request a quote¬†today.