High-Speed Cartoning

Cartoning is essential to the distribution and transportation of products like food and other goods while keeping the packaging appealing to retail customers. The cartoning process provides a protective casing that makes storing and distributing the products easier in bundles or individually.

Cartons offer versatile design capabilities, allowing suppliers to attract shoppers with logos, designs, and images. At JONCO Industries, our high-speed cartoning services help us meet the packaging requirements and expectations of many different industries.

High-Speed Cartoning Services With JONCO Industries

JONCO Industries offers an array of cartoning services to meet your specifications. Our cartoning capabilities include primary fill, automatic fill, 2-stage fill, sift proof, bag in box, theater-style boxes, Gable-top box, glue both ends, auto bottom, kits, secondary packaging, and more. Our cartoning specialists can also assist with sourcing raw materials to help you save money.

We give you the option of an end-to-end turnkey solution, providing everything from design to material sourcing. We offer fully automated, manual, and semi-manual cartoning processes to meet your estimated production run volume requirements. For volumes over 100,000 units, we have our fully automated cartoning services, and we require only a minimum of 10,000 units for our manual cartoning service.

A variety of markets rely on our high-speed cartoning service to store and distribute their products, including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail outlets
  • Pharmacies
  • Wholesale stores
  • Food services and vendors
  • Beverage bottlers
  • Craft breweries
  • Club stores

Our cartoning facilities are well equipped to serve almost any industry with our high-speed services.

Benefits of High-Speed Cartoning

The versatility and flexibility of high-speed cartoning allows for higher efficiency packaging and shipping. Products packaged in cartons reach retail outlets and distribution centers intact and ready for purchase.

High-speed cartoning also provides the following advantages, making cartoning the preferred packaging method among suppliers:

  • Increased product efficiency
  • The packaging of a diverse range of products
  • Safe and easy sealed products
  • Reduced cost of labor
  • Less waste production
  • Flexible size and design options

At JONCO Industries, our experts are here to help you find the best cartooning option for your specific application.

Enjoy Efficient Packaging Solutions From JONCO Industries

High-speed cartoning is vital to the distribution goals of a range of industries. Cartons provide an efficient way to package products in an appealing container that is prepared for shipment and distribution to retail locations and consumers. High-speed cartoning provides many benefits that can help your business save on packaging, waste, and labor while offering a safe and attractively packaged product.

At JONCO Industries, we strive to offer exceptional service with plenty of choices in cartoning types and service capabilities. Contact us to learn how high-speed cartoning will help your business today.