Repackaging & Relabeling

Repackaging and relabeling is an essential part of every company’s supply chain. These services move already packaged goods into new packaging after an error or an inspection. At JONCO, we specialize in fast relabeling and repackaging to ensure your products are back in the warehouse or on store shelves without delay. We can handle repackaging goods into different types of containers, packaging with new labels, and more.

Repackaging Services

We offer optimized repackaging services in multiple plant locations. We can also bring our services to where your goods are currently located for fast, seamless changes. This complete service includes everything from bringing new packaging to ensuring the new units meet all order specifications and cleaning up the old packaging. We offer these reworking and repackaging services for any emergency or last-minute change:

  • Removing goods from old packaging
  • Recounting and sorting product goods
  • Unpacking and repackaging retail cartons
  • Repackaging imports
  • Adding units or components to kits and assemblies
  • Removing outdated packaging and replacing it with new or custom packaging materials
  • Visually inspecting the repackaged order and complete inspection services
  • Re-shrink wrapping or shrink banding changed orders
  • Disposing of old packaging and waste

Relabeling Services

Along with repackaging, we provide complete relabeling services for when your information needs to be redesigned, changed, or updated. Our team will work with you to source the right labels based on your containers and your product’s needs. We believe that even expedited relabeling should be done with high-quality materials and services. That’s why we work with our network of preferred label printers in various locations who can quickly print labels and sleeves to your new specifications in the same local areas where your products are currently housed.

JONCO Industries will handle everything from sourcing local printers, placing the order, picking up the labeling materials, and replacing old labels with the new materials. We manage the entire process so it’s streamlined, cost-effective, and done precisely to your specifications. We expedite our services to meet quick turnaround times, so your products reach the warehouse or store shelves as soon as possible.

We provide the following services:

  • Sourcing and applying custom pressure-sensitive labels
  • Label application to virtually any type of packaging, including bottles, boxes, and pouches
  • Tipping, or adding coupons and promotional giveaways inside literature and products

Partner With JONCO Industries Today

At JONCO Industries, we provide high-quality packaging and labeling services as part of your standard supply chain processes. We’re also there for you when you need an emergency change or fix for your already packaged or labeled products. Contact us today to let us know what updates you need for your products. Once you send us the new artwork, we handle everything else, so your products get where they’re going with the right information and promotional packaging.