Liquid & Powder Filling

At JONCO Industries, we offer, fast, flexible, and comprehensive pouch packaging services for a variety of industries. Pouches are convenient packaging options that reduce weight, appeal to consumers, and hold a range of different substances in stable conditions. We offer complete turnkey services for pouching and packaging. From designing the size and look of the pouches to filling the pouches with dry or liquid goods, we’re a leading provider of complete custom packaging and filling services.

Liquid Filling Services

Packaging and transporting liquids can be challenging. At Jonco, we offer contract filling services that guarantee fast package filling with low waste and quick turnaround. We specialize in fulfilling liquid and gel hand sanitizer orders with quick processing, custom packaging, and timelines you can rely on every time.

Our services are available for the following liquid and gel products:

Liquid Foods & Ingredients

  • Flavor extracts, including vanilla extracts
  • Beverages
  • Juices
  • Consumable liquid food products

Cleaners & Household Goods

  • All-purpose cleaning agents
  • Detergents and ultrasonic detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Floor cleaner
  • Jewelry cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Stain removers
  • Window cleaners

Personal care products & Oils

  • Aloe vera gel
  • Hand sanitizers (both liquid and gel)
  • Massage oils

Whether your products are food-grade, tightly regulated, or meant for commercial or household use, we provide high-quality filling, pouching, and packaging services that comply with all applicable regulations. We handle every step of the process so you can quickly move your products to store shelves and customer warehouses.

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Why Partner With Jonco Industries?

Choosing the right service providers is crucial for managing your supply chain with the transparency and consistency you need. Jonco Industries has a long history of providing custom, high-quality services with the customer service to match. Our team offers the flexibility and value-added services you need to ensure your products reach your target market on time and with the right packaging to get their attention.

Primary Packaging

We package individual units of your liquid products in the right format for your consumers and your budget. We offer the following primary packaging types:

  • Gusseted pouches
  • Premade pouches
  • Rollstock that we can convert to pouches with our in-house equipment
  • Ziploc pouches (both with and without zippers)

All of these options guarantee freshness and stability, as well as visual appeal and ease of access for the end-user. Our team of design and packaging experts can help you choose the right packaging based on the specific demands of your product. We consider your order size, the ingredients in the liquid product, and how the end-user will interact with the product so we can offer personalized advice and solutions every time.

Secondary Packaging

Our line of secondary packaging services makes it even easier to deliver your products to their destination without delays or unpredictability. We offer the following value-added services as part of our flexible packaging solutions:

  • Batching
  • Boxing
  • Bundling
  • Packing out retail displays for quick in-store setup
  • Shrink wrapping or shrink banding
  • Variety packaging

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Partner With Jonco Industries for Expert Liquid Filling Services

Our company is here to help with all of your standard and custom liquid filling needs. We offer high-quality pouch packaging services for food and non-food products, including hand sanitizers. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or to start your order.


Additional Services From JONCO

We’re proud to support our liquid & powder filling capabilities with a full suite of complementary services, providing the ease, quality, and professionalism that comes with a one-stop shop dedicated to your specific needs.

Enhance your project with:

Food Grade Packaging

In 2007, complete food packaging and filling joined specialty printing, sewing, cutting, and custom assembly in our portfolio of services. We are FDA-registered and fully prepared to manage your project from start to finish, handling packing, labeling, branding, and custom design work.

Private Label Packaging

JONCO has what it takes to package your product appropriately and safely. And because we keep a high inventory of packaging materials onsite, we’re sure to have what you need.

Working With JONCO

The JONCO team can support all projects from prototype to full-scale production, with the experience and quality control necessary to bring your liquid & powder filling project to market with efficiency and ease.

We can manage projects of all sizes, and ensure close collaboration, competitive timelines, and transparent work processes for all jobs we take on. To learn more about our food packaging capabilities and discuss your options with an expert, request a quote today.