Custom Label Printing

Printed labels are among the JONCO printing team’s long list of specialties. Supported by cutting-edge printing technology, our full-service portfolio includes signage, products, packaging, and even custom textiles.

Since 1980, JONCO has been a leading full-service marketing and fulfillment house. Accommodating projects large and small, we have a range of substrates, inks, and finishes that can suit any brand. We offer the simplicity of a one-stop shop along with deep industry expertise in marketing, sales, and engineering.

Our label printing work is supplemented by design services, packaging, and so much more. Regardless of your needs, we’re ready to bring your project to life.


Specialty Label Printing Capabilities

Our label printing and cutting capabilities are ideal for any premium printing with adhesive needs. Serving clients in specialty packaging, consumer products, and food services, we’re proud to offer high quality service supported by an in-house Primera CX1200/FX1200 Label Printer.

We’re pleased to offer our clients:

  • Full-color custom printed graphics with specialty CMYK inks
  • Finish substrate materials including paper, vinyl, matte vinyl, gloss polyester, and paper with gloss protective films
  • Optional waterproofing and weatherproofing
  • Optional color matching

Our team optimizes each label project with its final purpose in mind, relying on our extensive substrate experience to ensure your project’s success.

With the support of our custom packaging department, JONCO can readily assemble a complete branding solution that integrates labels, standard printing, and assembly services into a market-ready final product.


The Jonco Process: Top Quality, One Stop

Our printing services come backed by the skill of our in-house artists and graphic designers. Expert execution from print technicians and production managers means that extensive troubleshooting and professional workmanship is part of the process from start to finish.

  • The JONCO team receives initial orders/artwork and offers color correction, color matching, and design assistance to fine-tune every project. We accept .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tiff, and .jpeg files, working primarily in Colorgate and the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Our technicians prepress every file, working carefully with your design through the pre-print process.
  • We execute label jobs large and small with a quick turnaround, often in sync with additional cutting and custom finishing.
  • Our team professionally supports your order all the way to final packaging, assembly, and shipping for efficient, reliable delivery.

Additional Services from Jonco

At JONCO, our service is your solution. As a key part of multi-step projects, label printing often works in tandem with our complementary in-house services.

Roll-To-Roll Printing

As a turnkey service provider, we believe in creating work that is innovative, well-designed, and practical, not to mention economical. Roll-to-roll printing joins large flatbed UV printing, digital printing, and even 3D printing to help our team bring clients’ projects to life.

Product Assembly

Clients are involved in every step of the process. From the initial order to design tweaks to final packaging, our experts will perfect your assembly while ensuring low costs and quick lead times.

Working with the Jonco Team

Specialty label printing at Jonco joins digital printing, roll-to-roll printing, dye sublimation printing, and 3D printing in our complete catalog of full-service print solutions. Regardless of your company’s size, we’ll work with you at every stage on a completely transparent timeline. From prototype to full-scale production, we’re prepared to help you realize your vision however we can.

To learn more about our specialty printing or to request a quote, reach out today!