Swatching and Pinking

With contract sewing, customers need to be able to review their fabric choices before making final decisions. At JONCO Industries, we understand this, and our talented team can create swatches to ensure you make optimal final decisions for your applications.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for our clients by offering swatching and pinking services. With one of our core services being sewing contracts, adding these valuable services help our clients accomplish their projects, regardless of how large or small. We provide swatching and pinking to various industries to meet customers’ unique needs.

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Assorted fabric swatches for interior decorating in different colors, patterns and textures in a full frame view

What Are Swatching and Pinking?

Deciding on the material to use for an entire product line can be a tough and time-intensive process. Therefore, swatches help customers determine the best material for their project before purchasing all the fabric yardage needed for the final product development. While fabric swatching may seem like a niche capability, companies providing this specialized service must work with many different clients and materials to offer quality solutions for all types of applications.

The four main types of swatches include:

  • Fan Decks. These allow customers to view a variety of colors and patterns easily. Fan decks can hold many small swatches on pieces that spread out.
  • When customers want specific colors or patterns, large individual swatches are sent to them to help make their final decision. This swatching option does not showcase all the material varieties available.
  • Swatch Card. A swatch card features a selection of small swatches on paper stock, allowing the customer to compare the different options easily. While this swatching option does not feature as much material, it does show a wider selection than other sample options.
  • Stack Book. For a more professional and durable format to showcase large swatches to customers, stack books are used. They use more fabric and are best for large patterns with a variety of shades.

To extend the life of fabric samples, we offer pinking services. Pinking is the zigzag cut often seen with fabric swatches, created by a scallop-toothed edge blade from pinking shears or a hand crank pinker. This process helps prevent materials from fraying, making swatches last longer. Pinking shears cut fabric on the bias, which reduces fabric from fraying and is best for several applications, including seam finishes.

An assortment of colored fabric swatches

Our Swatching and Pinking Capabilities

While JONCO is best-known for contract sewing services, we also offer swatching and pinking capabilities. We can produce swatches for our clients, allowing them to assess and identify the materials they prefer to use for their particular project with ease. Using top-of-the-line martial management equipment, we work with your team to ensure you receive the highest-quality swatching and pinking services. When working with JONCO, you partner with a company that takes the time and care to ensure you are consistently receiving the best products and services.

Contact JONCO for Your Swatching and Pinking Needs

Swatching and pinking work hand-in-hand to offer clients the choices to find the best fabric solution for their unique projects. With a focus on quality and exceeding customers’ expectations, JONCO provides swatching and pinking along with their trusted contract sewing services. From prototyping to full-scale production runs, we can help with your next sewing project.¬†Request a quote¬†today to see how we can help with all your swatching and pinking needs.

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