Prototyping & Fabrication

JONCO offers prototyping services that range from packaging to product designs enabling short-run “live” market tests. What better way to get authentic feedback from consumers than by allowing them to experience the new product the way it was meant to be experienced?

Our rapid prototyping services are able to incorporate a new dimension to your product designs. Our product development teams have the capabilities to create concept models, functional prototypes and end-use parts. We use these models to refine designs and conduct live market tests to generate authentic feedback from end users. We are also able to create true visual renderings of your final product.

3D Printing Service

We add a whole new dimension to prototyping with our 3D Printing services. We are able to print parts that are as big as 10 x 10 x 12 inches and are accurate to a 0.007 inch layer resolution. In addition, these parts are printed with ABSplus plastic, which is mechanically strong and durable. Color options include ivory, white, black, dark grey, red, blue, olive green, nectarine and fluorescent yellow. Don’t just stop at prototyping, expand beyond into jigs, fixtures and commercial grade parts. To find out more about our 3D printing capabilities, click here.



Why stop at your prototype? Jonco fabricates many items out in the market. We fabricate items from products on store shelves to environmental pieces, many of which you might have seen. Jonco will take care of your all your needs from fabrication, storage to shipping.

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