Go Fan Yourself Case Study

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Problem: Packaging Failure

Go Fan Yourself is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans. Its leadership team recently approached JONCO with a very specific problem: their products were getting damaged in transit. The company previously delivered its fans in boxes that relied on a cardboard shell and internal wood skeleton frame, but despite several improvements, the packaging did not stand up to the increasing demands of cross-country shipping with multiple transfers as well as Go Fan Yourself desired.  In addition to superior protection, Go Fan Yourself wanted their industry leading HVLS fan performance to be matched in the packaging. Enhancing their customer’s experience, starting at the loading dock.

The first rule of effective packaging in any industry is to protect the shipment’s contents.  But Go Fan Yourself wanted to expand this goal to include functionality and aesthetics. Fortunately, our team of designers was more than ready to help.


The JONCO Solution

JONCO’s design team realized they needed to (literally) work outside the box to find an answer. Our engineers devised a novel solution: a five-sided package that accounted for the brand’s principles and imagery while providing superior protection. Not only does the box better protect the product, but its five sides reflect the five fan blades in Go Fan Yourself’s logo and the flagship 5-bladed z-tech fan design behind the company’s products.

Our team started from scratch, collaborating with Go Fan Yourself to create a package that functions on multiple levels. Taking the entire assembly process into consideration, the JONCO design folds each part of the product into layers of foam. When a consumer unboxes a fan, its parts are now sorted in the precise order needed for assembly. The packaging assists with final function and assembly while protecting the product until it arrives at the customer’s door, reflecting the company and brand in a unique and eye-catching way.

A One Stop Shop

From conception to completion, the final design for Go Fan Yourself’s packaging evolved from a cardboard box with a wooden skeleton to a complete system incorporating foams, plastics, metals, decals, and cardboard. This creative approach to packaging has enhanced Go Fan Yourself’s customer experience and they routinely receive compliments on their new packaging system.

When the team at Go Fan Yourself got acquainted with the full scope of JONCO’s services, however, they discovered that we could do more than enhance their packaging. The original project started with a finished fan and a desire to improve the packaging to enhance customer experience, but Go Fan Yourself realized that we could assist with every phase of their order fulfillment operations.

JONCO now handles all assembly for Go Fan Yourself’s products on the JONCO factory floor, taking advantage of our custom assembly professionals and broad project experience. We also provide the warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment services needed to deliver the fans — down to printing the product labels and stickers with our in-house custom printing capabilities.

JONCO works to solve any customer’s problem. We create professional, high quality final designs for clients ranging from highly specialized manufacturers like Go Fan Yourself to large corporate customers with a broader scope, all with the full support of a complete one-stop shop to meet your every need.

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