Product Design

The team at Jonco understands that creative design leads to creative solutions. With nearly 40 years of experience, we’re proud to be a leading full-service manufacturing and fulfillment house, bringing exciting new designs to market every day.

Our team offers the simplicity of a one-stop shop, backed by the deep expertise of industry professionals, providing our customers with sophisticated design services, unparalleled quality, and quick turnarounds. Supported by a full range of fabrication, printing, and finishing services, we create new products from start to finish.

The Jonco product designers work from your initial ideas to find smart, innovative, and highly efficient solutions that meet your exact needs.


Product Design Capabilities

Our team of dedicated packaging and product engineers, graphic designers, and industrial designers work to discover the needs of customers while balancing engineering and manufacturing constraints to deliver innovative solutions. Some of their specialties include:

  • Rapid Conceptualization
  • Digital Rendering
  • Visual Storyboarding
  • Technical/Control Drawings
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CAID Visualization
  • 3D Printing
  • Graphic Design
  • Display Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Communication Design
  • Point of Purchase/Display Design
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Product Photography
  • Custom Packaging
  • Design to Manufacturing

With in-house 3D printing and expert prototyping, our team can bring those designs directly into the real world for testing and troubleshooting.

The Jonco Process: Top Quality at a One-Stop Shop

Custom design informs every step of our work at Jonco. With a full team of artists, designers, and technical experts, we’re ready to craft the custom solutions you need.

  • Give us a call. Every custom design begins with your initial ideas, and a detailed discussion: What are you seeking? What capabilities will you need? How can we enhance or develop the design?
  • We can sketch out brand-new products or develop something new based on existing product lines. Whether working from purely verbal concepts or adapting drawings, our team can draft a design to meet your needs.
  • Come visit. Right from the start, our designers and engineers work closely with every customer to ensure we maintain accurate brand standards, desired functionality, and key product details.
  • The Jonco team prepares the new design for manufacturing. We streamline, simplify, and troubleshoot every product. The initial concept will always remain intact, and the resulting product will be ready for market.
  • Ready for action: our in-house manufacturing department will proof the concept and the process for your design, making sure everything is ready to go.

Our team will then take your concept through as many revisions as it takes to get it just right. From there, we render, prototype, and eventually sample the new design before it heads to full-blown production.

Additional Services From Jonco

Once the design phase is complete, we can move into final prototyping and manufacturing with the support of our full portfolio of services.
Below are some of the additional complementary services we offer to enhance your project.

Contract Sewing

Jonco can create a huge range of products — from cases, and aprons to uniforms, purses, and tool pouches. Supported by a full fleet of specialty equipment and skilled craftspeople, our team can sew anything you need.

Prototyping and Fabrication

The Jonco team offers prototyping services and a dedicated in-house fabrication department to meet clients’ unique application needs. From packaging to product design, we manufacture with quick turnarounds and guarantee superior quality in everything we do.

Whether you’re testing a product or bringing it to market, our technical experts are here to make it happen.

Complete Finishing Services

From cutting and sewing to assembly and packaging, every step is offered in-house. This allows us to take on high-volume projects while ensuring quick turnarounds and superior quality — even when dealing with complex specialty work and brand-new products.

Working With the Jonco Team

With a dedicated team of experts and a fleet of high-performance equipment, the team at Jonco is ready to make your ideas a reality, from the prototype stage to full-scale production. We work with transparent timelines and maintain a deeply collaborative process, ensuring we meet every client’s specific needs. To learn more about our in-house design services, or to request a quote, reach out to the team today.