POP Display Assembly

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are specialized marketing displays used to draw consumer attention to specific products or brands. These displays often feature prominently in the middle of aisles, near checkouts, or in other areas with high consumer foot traffic. Whereas a broader marketing campaign attempts to bring customers into the store, a POP display puts the product directly in the potential buyer’s path as they shop to increase the likelihood of a sale.

At Jonco Industries, our team understands the best practices surrounding retail displays. Our team can help you design the best possible POP display for your needs.

Why Use POP Displays?

POP displays offer numerous advantages for retailers and the brands they sell. Counter displays featuring candy, snacks, or small and convenient items can profoundly impact a store’s bottom line – even if only a small percentage of shoppers purchase an item from the display. Dump bins or display shelves that display products in the middle of the aisle grab consumer attention. Using POP displays ultimately creates added value for manufacturers and wholesalers by making it easier for the retailer to display the featured product prominently.

With the wide range of POP display types and options, sellers can develop a display that conforms to their sales goals and brand guidelines. Our experts at Jonco Industries will help you explore general POP assembly parameters, best practices, and customization options, ensuring the development of an exemplary POP display that meets all your unique needs.

Types of POP Displays

Retailers rely on a broad range of POP displays to market products. Some of the most popular include:

  • Counter displays. Counter displays are often used for small items that fall into the “impulse” purchase category, such as candy and other snacks. These displays are also handy for selling countless other small items.
  • Freestanding displays. These standalone displays give attention to a particular product anywhere throughout the store. They are typically made from cardboard, allowing companies to get creative with the display’s presentation.
  • Gravity-fed displays. These displays add products at the top and dispense them from the bottom. Gravity-fed displays are ideal for products sold in bags or other packaging types that don’t stack well. Retailers often use gravity displays to feature tubed products, such as lipstick or lip balm.
  • Dump bins. Dump bins feature small, individually packaged goods, like candy, travel-sized health and beauty items, or toys. They provide a practical volume merchandising tool for a plethora of small goods. banner stands
  • Endcap displays. Retailers place endcap displays at the end of aisles to catch customers’ attention as they move past or between the aisles.
  • Banner stands. As a type of standalone signage, banner stands can easily be placed anywhere throughout a store with sufficient space. While larger in design than other POP displays, banner stands remain easily mobile and attract customer attention. Unlike other POP displays, banner stands only act as signage and typically do not hold the physical products.

Jonco Industries Is Here for your POP Display Assembly

POP displays help increase awareness of your products in the places where customers are already making purchasing decisions. The various POP display assembly options allow you to find the best fit for showcasing your unique products.

At Jonco Industries, we have extensive experience assembling retail-ready displays. We work with displays constructed of corrugated and other materials. We build them to meet your specifications, fill them with your product according to your instructions or planograms, and securely pack the POP displays for transit.

To see how our retail display expertise can help you increase your sales and brand awareness, please contact us today.