Pad Printing

At Jonco Industries, our printing services are second to none. We employ some of the industry’s most talented professionals and work with a full fleet of sophisticated printing technology, all supported by custom sewing, cutting, and design services.

We’re proud to specialize in pad printing services and offers a wide range of other specialty art and image services, including large flatbed UV printing, digital printing, roll-to-roll printing, and 3D printing. An ideal solution for customers looking to bring 2D images into three dimensions, pad printing ensures high-quality artwork in even the most complex, unusual applications.

Since 1980, our team has worked to provide sophisticated custom design services with the convenience of a one-stop-shop. We offer full-service manufacturing and fulfillment, all in-house, backed by a skilled team with backgrounds in sales, marketing, engineering, and custom craft. From initial concepts to final shipping, we handle every project with the utmost attention to detail.


Pad Printing Capabilities

The Jonco team makes use of a Trans Tech Orion 130 pad printer, managing dimensions up to 4.25 x 20 inches. We can handle many irregular, curved, and 3D surfaces and substrates, making use of up to three colors at once to ensure sophisticated, high-quality imagery.

In addition to handling versatile substrate shapes, pad printing can easily accommodate very delicate materials and large-scale runs. Our high-quality inks are medically certified, ensuring optimal safety and compliance with strict industry standards. For each job, we create unique printing plates and jigs, specific to the artwork needed and the part being printed.

This versatile technology serves as an ideal solution for printing on 3D parts in any type of industry; the Jonco team has worked on projects in marketing, restaurant and food, medicine, and industrial tool sectors, to name just a few. We can also print on small parts that would be too difficult to handle using other techniques.

The Jonco Process: Top Quality at a One-Stop Shop

All of our services come backed by skilled in-house artists and graphic designers, with expert execution by technical print specialists. Your pad printing job will begin with custom art plates and end with expert finishing and comprehensive quality control.

  • Before setting up a plan for your pad printing project, the team will help you determine the size of your job and potential print run. Pad printing technology is especially well-suited for medium to large runs, as it requires initial investments in artwork, jigs, and plate setup.
  • After the printing plates and jigs are prepared, our technicians run ink and substrate testing to ensure a high-quality final product.
  • Our full team of in-house specialists executes every step of your project. After a project is complete, the team manages quality control and handles every last order detail, right down to packing, shipping, and reliable, efficient delivery.

Additional Services From Jonco

At Jonco, we support every one of our print projects with a full suite of complementary services.

Enhance your project with:

Large Flatbed UV Printing

We believe clients deserve work that is innovative, well-designed, practical, and economical to produce — and that’s exactly what we provide. Our advanced large flatbed UV printing capabilities, in particular, allow us to offer cutting-edge services for the most complex, innovative printing projects.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Our shipping and receiving department will help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective delivery service, then ship to you or directly to your customer. Keeping all work in-house ensures quick turnarounds and superior quality for every project we take on.

Working With Jonco

With in-house expertise to support every design from prototype to full-scale production, our team is ready to bring your pad printing project to life.

We’re proud to serve companies of all sizes, ensuring close collaboration, competitive timelines, and transparent work processes for every job. To learn more about our pad printing services and discuss options for your unique application, request a quote today.