Dye Sublimation Printing

At Jonco, we manage jobs of all sizes with a wide range of available substrates, inks, and print formats. Dye sublimation printing joins digital printing, roll-to-roll printing, large flatbed UV printing, and even 3D printing to help our team accommodate your every need. Ideal for custom fabric creations, dye sublimation printing projects also benefit from our in-house sewing and cutting services for the perfect finish.


Dye Sublimation Printing Capabilities

Dye sublimation printing uses heat to transfer ink from a paper backing onto specialty materials, including fabrics and ceramics.

The JONCO team uses a Roland Texart XT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer on all dye sublimation projects. We handle 64-inch rolls with a full spectrum of CMYK ink. The most popular substrate is white polyester fabric, which is perfectly suited to mousepads, koozies, and other promotional textiles.


The Jonco Process: Top Quality, One Stop

Our printing services are backed by in-house artists and graphic designers, with expert execution from technical print specialists. We manage every detail of your project, from the initial file set-up to the finished product.

  • The JONCO team receives primary orders/artwork and offers color correction, color matching, and design assistance to fine-tune every project. We accept .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tiff, and .jpeg files, working primarily in Colorgate and the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • We can help you select the best substrates and printing technology for your particular application.
  • Our technicians then set-up the printed material on one of our heat transfer presses in order to transfer ink from paper onto the desired material. We also troubleshoot to eliminate ghosting and offset image transfers for a crisp, polished result.
  • We execute your printing project with a full team of in-house specialists, followed by in-house cutting, expert sewing, and even final assembly.
  • We readily manage packing and shipping for reliable, efficient delivery.

Additional Services from Jonco

At JONCO, our service is your solution. We’re proud to support our dye sublimation printing projects with a complete suite of complementary in-house service specialties.

Automated Fabric Cutting

Backed by a full fleet of specialty equipment and skilled craftspeople, we support large-scale digital fabric cutting with finishing,  and sewing services to bring any project to life. Cutting is fast, efficient, and extremely accurate, allowing us to offer reliable, long-lasting low-ply or multi-ply fabric solutions.

Contract Sewing

Cutting, sewing, assembly, and even additional finish printing: every single step required for your dye sublimation printing project is offered in-house. We provide our contract sewing services, making for high volume, quick turnarounds, and superior quality.

Working with the Jonco Team

Dye sublimation printing can help you take your project to the next level. Custom sewing and cutting, all in-house, allows JONCO to bring your textile project to market with superior quality, effective design, and rapid delivery. We work with companies of all sizes, collaborating closely with transparent timelines. Our experts work to find the best solution for your project, offering the technical skill, high quality, and straightforward service that modern marketing demands.

To learn more about custom printing services and our dye sublimation printing tools at JONCO, request a quote today!